Our link with the land, our experience, our knowledge of haymaking methods, our faith in our abilities and our will to overcome obstacles; these are the core values that we follow as we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Our key strengths are continuous technological innovation throughout the whole manufacturing process from concept, through production and on to marketing, plus a strong market-oriented attitude. As a result of this we have been able to achieve high standards and a consolidated position in the market.

Square Balers

The balers 3690 machines are lighter and smaller than the 5690 models, but most technical choices are similar. Nevertheless they offer a very good performances that will certainly satisfy the needs of most professional farmers.

The lower weight and the reduced dimensions provide better maneuvrability especially in the small and medium size fields, soft terrains or when it's necessary to haul the machines on long, narrow roads.

The standard equipment can be enriched with the centralised lubrication system and a double knotter fan, the hydraulic pick-up lift, the drawbar adjustment of mechanical or hydraulic types, the electric bale counter and the humidity sensor with carry-on display for the compression chamber.

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Gallignani Round Baler GF225

Round Baler

Gallignani presents a new generation of variable chamber balers. Called the GF225 S-Line they are based on knowledge built up over many years in the baler business, bringing you an assurance of reliable operation even in the toughest working conditions. The GF225 S-Line bale chamber offers a combination of 3 rollers and 5 wide laced belts. This mixed chamber ensures a smooth bale start whatever the intake system, offering smooth bale rotation and reduced crop loss, even in dry conditions.

The Advantages:

PowerBind with direct net injection for fast and highly reliable netting
Intelligent Density 3D
2.0 or 2.2 m pick-up with small diameter pick-up reel for fast and efficient throughput.
Single or dual fork feeder or rotor intake systems.
Drop Floor for easy unblocking.
3 different bale densities, pre-selected from the tractor cab.
Easy and simple loading of net roll.
New simple and intuitive control with the Focus 3 terminal.

Gallignani Round Baler GF225 Specification Sheet

Gallignani Wrapper


The trailed wrapper with side loading arm particularly suitable for small to medium sized tractors. The machine is very easy to operate; even the mechanical version offers fully automatic cut and tie of film. The hydraulically operated loading arm is positioned on the right-hand side and can handle bales from 1.20 m up to 1.60 m diameter.

The Advantages:

Trailed turntable wrapper
Self-loading mechanism
Mechanical film cutter
Able to handle round bales up to 1000 kgs.
Available with cable or joystick control

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