Landini LandPower

Landini Landpower

The new Landpower is powered with the new F.T.P. NEF 6-cylinder turbo engines. Equipped with air-to-air intercooler, the new engines comply with TIER 3 emission standards.
The Speed Six mechanical transmission can be combined with a creep option and a mechanical reverse power shuttle, with control lever fitted under the steering wheel, to achieve 36 forward and 36 reverse speeds, thus making the Landpower ideal for all open-field applications as well as for high-speed road transport.
The hydraulic circuit features a maximum flow rate of 105 l/ min. The power lift with two additional cylinders provides a lifting capacity of up to 8400 kg.
The system features 5 Bosch type auxiliary control valves for utmost versatility.
The new 4-post Master Class cab provides a comfortable driving position with ergonomically arranged controls. The air conditioning, installed on the cab roof, ensures the driver a safe and healthy work environment.
The plunging line of the hood reflects the Landini Family style, and the generously sized windows ensure an ultimate all-round visibility for enhanced manoeuvrability and driving comfort.

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