McCormick X8 Series

At McCormick high power has a name: X8. Boasting over 300 hp, the X8 tractor series combines true power with comfort and style. Specially designed for demanding contractors who work full time on farming businesses, X8 tractors have been developed with an eye to the functional potential offered by electronics and designed to seamlessly integrate future technologies. To meet tomorrow’s challenges, the X8 series offers the operator a variety of high-grade features: automotive-style hood and fenders, a fully redesigned Premiere Cab with ergonomically-arranged, easy-to-use controls for the four-stage VT-Drive transmission, a bright DSM touchscreen monitor, a high-performance hydraulic system with up to 212 l/min flow rate and up to ten electro-hydraulic remote valves, and powerful Betapower Fuel Efficiency engines capable of delivering up to 310 hp for the X8.680 model.

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