Our business started 18 years ago with South African farmers seeking a higher level of mechanisation. Their unique requirements were, and still are, the key ingredient in developing solutions and sourcing components from all over the world that we combine into purpose built machinery to meet the farmers’ needs today and in the future.

Maize Planter

Maize Planters

Most accurate and durable seed meter
Most accurate and durable dry fertiliser meter
Heavy and robust frame constructions
No-nonsense design

Vegetable Planters

The Monosem MS vegetable planter is by far the best selling pneumatic planter for vegetables and other fine seeds in South Africa. Every year since Carrotech started marketing it in 2000 it sells in numbers by far higher than any other vacuum fine seed planter on the South African market.

Today there are more than 230 of these planters running in this country. They are used in every province, in the roughest conditions, right through the year, and they give their owners many years of good service without much maintenance.


Strip-Till is the practice that promises the advantages of both, no-till and conventional farming practices. Strip-tilling fractures compacted soil. And since strip-till does not dry out soil like conventional methods of seed bed preparation, it prevents excessive moisture loss. But because farming practices vary from farm to farm between Bergville and Koppies there is not just one Strip Till machine that will satisfy everybody.

Fertilizer Applications

Fertilizer Applications

We build a variety of different precision fertilizer distributors that could meet the unique needs of farmers. Here is a couple of different models we have to offer:
This is a fertiliser distributor for 4 rows with tines mounted on the frame to do cultivating between the rows. This fertilizer distributor fitted with height adjustable ground wheels units to enable you to run clear over the crop and a catwalk for easy fertilizer refills.

Inter-row Cultivators

Inter-row Cultivators

The Super Crop Cultivator with Seering System.
Most versatile combination options, precise working close to the culture row, strength and time-saving adjustment of framework position and tools in connection with comfortable control ability and handling of the machine, that is our SUPER CROP precision technology for farmers with high requirements to their weed management.